veggie and herb




Handcrafted Veggie & Herb Container + Raised Bed Soil is ultra light and custom designed for growing in raised beds and creating edible gardens. Created from Handcrafted Vegan Compost, dark-aged pine bark, Signature Expanded Shale, large-grain angular sand, coconut fiber, vermiculite, Special Reserve Greensand, microbial foods & essential minerals.  Made entirely from local and sustainable materials, this soil is both unique and incredibly effective.  Perfectly balanced for planting all types of vegetables and herbs.



  • CREATE ULTIMATE RAISED BEDS:  Use to fill raised gardens or flowerbeds. Plant directly or grow from seed.  
  • GROW IN CONTAINERS:  Use when filling or planting in large containers for optimal drainage and increased plant health. 
  •  TOPDRESS RAISED GARDENS:  Apply ¼” - ½” throughout. Mix 1:1 with our Handcrafted Humus Compost for maximum nutrient & moisture retention.
  • BUILD AN EDIBLE GARDEN:  Contains everything necessary to grow tasty and super healthy fruits, vegetables & herbs.
  • INTRODUCE NEW PLANTS:  Use when installing any new plants into existing garden beds to minimize root shock.  
  • TRANSPLANT OR PROPOGATE:  Excellent for transplanting plants into new containers or propogating cuttings. 



  • SUPERIOR MOISTURE MANAGEMENT:  Provides exceptional drainage & oxygen flow while minimizing water requirments.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT BLEND:  Creates excellent soil structure and has a fluffy texture, allowing maximum air flow. 
  • INCREASED HARVEST:  Enables healthy and robust plant growth, maximizing fruit & vegetable production. 
  • PROMOTES PLANT GROWTH:  Chock full of ultra beneficial actinomycetes which fix nitrogen for plants.  
  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS:  Contains essential nutrients, active fungi and beneficial microorganisms.  
  • CONTAINS ORGANIC GOODNESS:  Inoculated with more than 70 trace minerals, seaweed, humic & fulvic acid, and endo/ectomycorrhizae.