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The Seasons is a line made up of 4 products from the TGU packaged line:

  • The Seasons Native Hardwood Mulch: this is the only type of hardwood mulch TGU produces. It’s double ground to 1.5” shred and composted in windrows. 

    • NOTE: this product replaced TGU Native Hardwood Mulch.

  • The Seasons Black Hardwood Mulch: this is a color enriched mulch. Dyed with a water base dye. Black mulch is made with the same process our hardwood mulch is processed.

  • The Seasons Bed Mix: this is our base bed mix. Made from compost and blended with large grain angular sand (not sharp sand). This is the most commonly used soil by landscapers to do bed prep for landscape use plants.

  • The Seasons Rose Mix: this is our base rose soil. Made from compost and blended with large grain angular sand, composted pine bark, traces of green sand and sulfur soil. This blend is one of the best soils made in Texas and is widely used for color, roses, azaleas, acid loving plants, fruit, veggies, etc.

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