super sustain soil




Super Sustain Potting Soil is an amazing blend of our Handcrafted Vegan CompostSignature Expanded Shale,  dark-aged pine bark, large-grain angular sand, Special Reserve Greensand, microbial foods & essential minerals. This soil is perfect for growing in any type of container both indoors & out while providing superior moisture retention, drainage, root growth and plant health. 



  • PLANT IN ANY CONTAINER:  Perfect for growing in pots, hanging baskets & window boxes. 
  • START SEEDS INDOORS:  Perfect for starting seeds. Once ready for outdoor planting, use our Premium Raised Bed & Square Foot Garden Soil to build the ultimate garden.
  • BUILD RAIN GARDENS:  Use to create an ecologically-friendly rain garden that filters and conserves water.
  • AMEND CONTAINER SOILS:  Blend into the existing soil to replenish beneficial microorganisms & essential nutrients.
  • PREP SUSTAINABLE LAWNS:  Apply ½” layer before sod to super-charge turf growth and minimize watering needs. 
  • BUILD DROUGHT RESISTANCE:  Plant directly into this soil for maximum soil structure & water retention.



  • IMPROVES SOIL STRUCTURE:  Builds balanced soil structure and allows for proper airflow, delivering oxygen to root zone and promoting plant growth. 
  • FLUFFY & LIGHT WEIGHT:  Light-weight blend is perfect for growing in pots, window boxes & hanging baskets. 
  • CONSERVES WATER:  Signature Expanded Shale stores water and nutrients and provides them later when the plant is in need.
  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS:  Chock full of essential nutrients, active fungi and beneficial microorganisms.  
  • CONTAINS ORGANIC GOODNESS:  Inoculated with more than 70 trace minerals, seaweed, humic & fulvic acid, and endo/ectomycorrhizae.