Vegan compost




Handcrafted Vegan Compost is a diverse, vegan quality, ultra rich, compost teeming with beneficial microorganisms. Made entirely from organic fruits, veggies & native plants, this compost builds soil structure, increases water retention, replenishes essential nutrients and improves your landscape’s ability to resist drought and disease while growing healthier, more beautiful plants.



  • TOPDRESS LAWN & GARDEN:  Apply 1/8” layer, then rake & water in. Apply twice a year to reduce water & fertilizer needs. 
  • SPOT TREAT LAWNS:  Apply ¼” to trouble spots. For best results, reapply in 2-6 months.
  • AMEND GARDEN BEDS:  Till into existing soil 2”- 4” deep to restore beneficial microorganisms and promote nutrient cycling at root zone.
  • ENRICH MULCH & SOILS:  Mix 1:1 ratio with our mulch or soils for maximum health & drought resistance.
  • STRENGTHEN TREES:  Dig & fill holes 1-3 ft. apart around the drip line to deliver nutrients to the tree’s root zone. Dig holes  3” wide by 6” deep. 
  • IMPROVE PLANT HEALTH:  Sprinkle around base any plant to restore beneficial microbes and build disease resistance. 



  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS:  Chock full of essential nutrients, active fungi and beneficial microorganisms. 
  • BUILDS HEALTH:  Creates rich, fertile soils and provides plant-ready nutrients while building disease resistance. 
  • CONSERVES WATER:  Develops strong, healthy root systems while enhancing soil moisture retention.
  • CONTAINS ORGANIC GOODNESS:  Inoculated with more than 70 trace minerals, seaweed, humic & fulvic acid, and endo/ectomycorrhizae. 
  • PROMOTES PLANT GROWTH:  Chock full of actinomycetes which fix nitrogen for plants. 
  • IMPROVES SOIL:  Feeds beneficial soil microbes, creating more fertile and disease resistant environments.