Premium Flowerbed & Garden Soil is a rich, biologically diverse planting soil which includes our Handcrafted Vegan Compost, large-grain angular sand, Special Reserve Greensand, microbial foods & essential minerals. This mix is aged to perfection & jam packed with the essential nutrients plants need for maximum growth. Perfect for all in-ground planting of trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, annuals & perennials.



  • ESTABLISH GARDEN BEDS:  Use when filling and planting in any new flowerbeds, vegetable gardens or other in-ground landscape or garden project.
  • IN-GROUND PLANTING:  Use when installing any new plant in your garden or landscape. Also, use to add additional height to existing beds.
  • PLANT TREES:  Mix 2:1 ratio with surrounding soil, then plant. Securely stake tree until properly rooted.
  • AMEND EXISTING SOIL: Till into soil 2”- 4” to restore beneficial microorganisms & promote nutrient cycling at root zone.
  • SOD PREP:  Apply ½” layer beneath sod to super-charge turf growth and to provide nutrients essential to turf health.




  • INCREASES SOIL VITALITY:  Full of beneficial organic material which improves soil structure and health. 
  • PROPER DRAINAGE:  Includes large-grain angular sand for proper drainage and root growth.
  • SUPPORTS AMAZING GARDENS:  Ultra rich, aged and full of active microbes which promote nutrient cycling at root zone and encourage vibrant, colorful flowering.
  • PROVIDES NUTRIENTS:  Chock full of essential nutrients, active fungi and beneficial microorganisms.  
  • CONTAINS ORGANIC GOODNESS:  Inoculated with more than 70 trace minerals, seaweed, humic & fulvic acid, and endo/ectomycorrhizae.